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Entry #2

The Last Airbender Stank like garbage in the middle of...July...

2010-07-08 19:33:26 by Cassidy-Morgan

I had my hopes, but as soon as I stepped through the theatre doors, took my seat, and watched katara narrate Aang as AUNG, I was in for a crap-coaster of a ride...luckily their were 3d effects and other disappointed faithfuls in the theater with me, otherwise I woulda' been outa' there faster than Mike Tyson in the 1997 match against Holyfield, you know the one...

Anyways, the cast was all Americanized, but what could you expect from Hollywood these days, with such great examples of mass market media like Twilight, or anything out' Disney that WASN'T a cartoon( don't get me wrong, I liked Mall Cop, but Beverly Hills Chihuahua? C'mon!!!) They couldn't even give Dante Basco his role as Zuko, any body remember Hook? Rufio, Rufio, Ru-fi-OH NOW I GOT IT!!! He can fight! Ugh...

But I don't blame the market, I don't even blame M. Night Shama...lama...lan, I blame myself for having high expectations. it's a good kids movie after all, but it's based on a GREAT kids TV show...
My advice? see the movie in theaters, so that you don't end up buying it for a friend later,( you'll probably lose the friend along with the 20 bucks...) Or at least wait for the sequel in order to think, "huh, I wonder what I missed in the first movie"... but don't take my word for it...


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2010-07-08 19:44:24

NOOOOO!!!! Man, I was hoping that movie was gonna be the other avatar...haha. :P


2010-07-08 20:12:15

Yeah movie sucked, but it was mainly due to them not explaining enough. I mean seriously could this TV series be turned into a movie? Well probably.

The big problem was the end credits when you see that the movie was written, produced, and directed by Mr. M. Night. The creators to my knowledge had nothing to do with the movie.

For a guy who is the master of the plot twist this was the perfect opportunity for him and he blew it!

It was okay, but if you had no idea what the TV show was about I believe you would be lost in this movie.


2010-07-08 20:33:01

Imagine what you could've wasted those 20 bucks on something else for?


2010-07-08 20:46:03

Dude the nick series was totally awesome, like the effects and everything, even the script was good, even though the finale wasnt a great end it was still a good end, and im totally dissapointed that the movie sucked, i mean really how could M. Night screw it up, everything was right there for him to do but it all back fired. Idk ill prorbably still see it, hopefully my friend can get me in for free, but maybe the others , the 2nd and 3rd movie will be better.